You can get cash for your unused diabetic test strips.  At the same time, you’ll be helping diabetics who may be unemployed, uninsured or who have great difficulty affording the test strips they need.

With, you can help us fill a need. When you sell your unused test strips, we distribute them at our cost to diabetics in our local community and re-sell them outside of our area at 75 to 80 percent below retail. This makes them much more affordable to those who really need a break on the price. In addition, we give away lancets for free to anyone who needs them.


Dick Spillman
I founded in 2008 as a family business. We are based in Beaumont, Texas, about 90 miles east of Houston.  My wife and I have lived here for 37 years. We worked in the court system for 30 years before retiring. I’m still involved in the day-to-day business so you may find me answering calls or meeting locals who are in need of low-cost diabetic supplies. Unfortunately, the expense and frustration of dealing with diabetes is well-known to my family. My sister was a diabetic; she passed away two years ago.

Sharon Erby
Sharon handles the majority of our calls and emails, and processes the shipments and payments. She knows how the system works inside and out and can answer any question you might have.

Marc Blieden
Marc is our go-to guy for our local test strip business. In addition to working on our advertising, he works to buy test strips from Beaumont metro locals and get them in the hands of area diabetics who are looking for affordable test strips.

We strongly believe is a win-win situation for everyone involved and that what we are doing is a benefit to the diabetic community.  By selling us your strips, you are helping us help others.

Thank you very much for your business.

Dick Spillman, Owner

P.S. If you have any further questions about us or, please call me toll-free at (800) 979-8220 or email me at